ACOS Highlights

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8.6ACOS and Citrix
Multi-User, Multi-Session, Network-Installation, Installation on Terminal Servers like Citrix, Local Installation, VPN-Access or Browser-Only-Access - all is possible!
8.6Milestone Trend
Milestone Trend Analysis shows the status of different update situations in one scope of view.
8.6Independance of % Resource and % Duration
Consumption of Mh and % completion may be independant or dependant in the ACOS Client as you want. After update the actual reported quantity is placed on the actual duration and the prognosis is placed on the remaining duration. This is very important if many resources are working on the same activity, for example you have different progress on own manhours and foreign cost of a subcontractor.
8.6Selection and aggregation by organisation structure
Resources may be selected by their code and are sortable and aggregateble by their structure. The resource selection has direct response on the bargraphs and matrices. A Resource Barchart shows all activities to be executed by each resource. In an aggregated form the resource barchart is often used as a holiday schedule.
8.6Capacity optimization
Acos offers a capacity optimization calculation limited by the maximum availability of the resources. The allocation of different resources on the same activity is possible.
8.6Critical Path
Selection by critical path is a special selection criterium. Even floats up to 5 days (this is nearly critical) are possible. Overcritical activities will have negative total float and are shown as violet bars.
8.6Comfortable view on cycluses
Cycluses (specially after import of foreign data) are mentioned and may be analyzed and solved in the interactive network diagram after a special selection.
8.6Relationship float
Relationship float is shown in the activity mask to find the critical predecessor or successor without searching. This selection feature is appointed to be used for linked barcharts to reduce the number of arrows to the really critical ones.