Company profile
Tampier Software was founded 1985 by Civil Engineer Johannes Tampier, who is one of the three partners of the ACOS PM GmbH as well. Tampier Software is offering special software products and services for project management and project organisation. For a better quality of technical services Tampier Software is IBM developer partner, Microsoft Direct Access partner and Oracle developer partner and offers the customers qualified know how in Database development and dynamic web applications.

The most important products are:

•   ACOS PLUS.1 "Project Management Client for Professional Planing"
•   ACOS WEB "Multiproject-Management Portal"
•   ACOS Multiproject Server "Multi-Org Multi-Project server application"
•   SQL-Key "database tool"

ACOS PM Software enables working interaktive on big data quantities on different graphical views:
Work breakdown structure - Network diagram - Linked Barchart - Capacity bargraph - cost diagram.
After comparision to the budget you get your results as powerfull status reports to give you a real basis for your management decisions: Specials are Milestone Trend Analysis, Earned Value, 2-line barchart abviation report with traffic light colours and cost curves for planned / actual.
Comportable functions make the step to the Multi Projecting very simple.

ACOS PM Software may be used for any business:
Energy - Shipbuilding - Mining - Plant installation - Structural works - Infrastructural development - Order production - Product development - Software development ...

Tampier Software is doing it's services maily for companies working on different places or Engineering offices and authorities. The consulting work is covering all phases of the implementation of the project management:
Inventory - Konception - Standard work flow - Pilot scheme - System implemantation - Training and supporting. Our customers get products, consulting and maintenance or programming solutions one-stop.
A team of developers realisized customer specific reports - even on foreign databases - or bidirectional interfaces. Thereby ACOS WEB becomes the integration platform of your company for all your project relevant data.

Some typical references:

•   Planning of modular ship production

Multi Project planning for the modular ship production of the Flensburger Schiffbau with integration into the companies data model based on ORACLE. Trandfer of scheduling data to simulation systems and bidirectional interfaces with the progress reporting.

•   Planning of revisions for power stations
Planning of revisions of plant installations and power stations, linking of the ACOS project management with the INGRES based ooperation control system

•   Scheduling and permanent claim management for the ICE railway route Köln Rhein/Main
Work preparation and claim management for the section A as partner of the Mittelstandsarge (a group of major companies) with special consideration of the results of the changes caused by the delayed planning approval procedure.

•   Infra structure projects "Deutsche Einheit (German unity)"
Support and consultant work, installation work and trainings for the extension of the network of waterways of germany for the Bundesamt für Wasserbau (High authority of hydraulic engineering) and most of the regional authorities of the federal countries. The biggest project was the canal crossing at Magdeburg

•   Scheduling and claim management for the S-Bahn (urban railway) Berlin
Permanent services for the time and capacity scheduling for the contractor's group doing the reconstruction of the S-Bahn route Bhf. Zoo until Hauptbahnhof. Permanent claim management and rescheduling because of hundreds of hindrances in coordination with all effected site managers

•   Time scheduling for the water desalination plant in Al Jubail
Time scheduling and assistance for the approval procedure for the water desalination plant in Al Jubail in cooperation with Preussag Saudi Arabia and Salzgitter Anlagenbau

•   Scheduling and project management for the paper production plant in Hillegossen (Bielefeld / Germany)
Scheduling and project management for the plant installation in cooperation with the Project team of the Feldmühle AG

•   Groupwise project management for coordinated shipbuilding
Conception, planning, implemantation and supporting for groupwise Multiproject-Management of shipbuilding for 4 yards of the Maersk Moeller Group. Time scheduling, Capacity planning and area optimization for all production phases like construction, prefabrication, fabrication and equipment. Bidirectional integration of the progress reporting within ACOS WEB and ACOS Multiproject Server running on Oracle.