Fees for services
Euro/day  Euro/hour
System implementation
Consulting services for Multi Project Management
Project Organisation
Project Controlling
1.250,00* 156,25
SW development
Interface programming
950,00 118,75
Technical services
Implemantation of communication systems
Layouting for documentations
650,00 81,25
Data input
Secretarian works
360,00 45,00
per person and day 325,00  
Travel time is working time.

All prices apply plus resulting and expenses.
For account by hours we calculate travel time as working time.
In the case of use of a car a milage rate of 0,85 Euro/km will be invoiced.
These prices apply only, as far as no other contractual agreement is present.
The prices apply for 01-01-2014 starting from that and lose their validity with appear to a new price list, if they did not become firm parts of contract.

*depends on starting time