Conetics Project Room - Rent ACOS today use immediately!
Linked workgroups use ACOS PM Software without local installation.

The price model of the Project Room has different components:

  • Non recurrent fee for definition of your organisation (depends on the number of users)

  • Monthly rate per user

  • These features are included in the non recurrent installation service:

  • Definition of your document management structure, definition of all orgnisation's basic data)

  • Training for all defined users
  • What you will get for your monthly fee:

  • E-Mail info service via SMS or Fax

  • Hotline (Mo-Friday)
  • Additional optional services:

  • Archiving all documents (monthly and/or after end of the Project)

  • Additional traffic
  • Individual training
  • Please ask for your indivual offer, the use of Conetics is cheaper than expected!

  • How you startup:

  • Test ACOS at the Conetics Project Room: