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8.802/22/2007Import GIF and JPG as OLE-objects
Von Office 97 bis Office XP within the MS-Office tools the MS Photo Editor was offered for installation. This enables allmost any picture formats to be icluded into ACOS as OLE-Object. The installation of Office 2003 is killing this application but you may install it afterwards without any problems. As shown in the picture - you have to run the old MS-Office installer, diable all programs and select the tools and there foto editor only.
8.6Solution for compiled help systems (CHM) on network drives
The execution right for the HTML-Help may be set with the attached regestry-file by executing with doubleclick. http://www.pmhost.de/acos/kundenspezifisch/html_help.zip In addition the network drive has to be definided as trusted site within the security options of the internet explorer.
8.6Replace feature
For replacing an empty space the "_" has to be used in the string: OLD: KP-JT NEW: KP___ Summary resource of all Mh Capacity own people. Date fields require the default format to be replaced.
8.6Deleting fixed dates is deleting the specification also.
The "<" on sheduled finish dates (to prevent total float on an activity) has to be redone manually in this case.
8.5TPS Import/Export in Multi Session version
Requires CNV.INI in the subfolder PLSW?.
If not present please copy from PRIVPATH PLSDAT.
8.5Just in time relationships
Detailed Documentation see http://www.pmhost.de/acos/download1/just_in_time.pdf
8.4DChange the actual activity by relationships
An other way to follow up the sequence of work by the relationships is to use the Activity Mask by EDIT ACTIVITY (without marking a node before). Switch the card to Pred/Succ mode. Double click on the grey fields of the relationships. The process is jumping to the choosen predeccessor or successor as actual node. The field FLOAT shows you the number of time units of the relationship's float.
8.4DMainactivity-Selection by structure
New german documentation for selection and sort of mainactivities with multiple steps as PDF-File