Installation requirements for ACOS PM Software Version 8.9

2008-04-01, Johannes Tampier,


ACOS Overview: ACOS_WEB Presentation

ACOS Client:

Minimum: Pentium IV 1 GHz 512 MB Ram

Optimum: Pentium IV 3 GHz 1 GB Ram or a newer core2 duo machine

Monitor: 19-21"

Harddisk: 100 MB for user's PRIVPATH

Citrix requires a mapped PRIVPATH on the File Server like H:\PLSDAT (Home directory of the specific User)

Read-only Access to the APPPATH like P:\ACOS89_E

Write/delete Access to the common MULPATH like P:\DATA\P1MULT for file locking and the common ACCESS Database

MDAC >= 2.8 (Microsoft ODBC Client, for Oracle no XE-Client)

System-ODBC-driver for ACCESS and Oracle ODBC Client or others regarding your database

Browser: >=IE7, Mozilla >=1.4

The security options of the browser should detect the IIS folder like http://ACOSSERVER as a local intranet site. Sample start adress for ACOS WEB:


For importing basic data for example from Excel tables an installation of SQL-key for the administrator or a remote connection to the IIS-server is required.


File Server:

Hard disk for Client program and Project data archives (highly compressed): 300 MB - 1 GB

Read-Only Access of all ACOS Users to the APPPATH like P:\ACOS89_E

Write/Delete Access of all ACOS Users to the common MULPATH like P:\DATA\P1MULT for File Locking and common Access database as well as company's portfolio reports in P:\DATA\STANDARDS
The Client installation command file is placed in the APPPATH P:\ACOS89_E normally.


Internet Information Server:

WIN 2003 Server Double XEON >=2,4 GHz, RAM >=2 GB with MS IIS >=5.5 or a newer multi processor machine
(required for XML Exchange with unicode)

MSXML4 windows update download from

Hard disk Min. 100 MB, the size depends from the usage of the Document Management.
Therefore the Path C:\DATA\ACOS_WEB_DOCUMENTS needs full access for the IUSR (with properties security options in addition for all subfolders). Below the folder org, role, user have to be created (now done by acos web).

MDAC >= 2.8 (Microsoft ODBC Client (for basic data importing from Access) and Oracle ODBC Client or something similar for your database).

MDAC >= 2.8 (Microsoft For MS-ACCESS the Path C:\inetpub\wwwrooot\acos_web\DB needs full access for the IUSR (with properties security options in addition for all subfolders).

System-ODBC-driver for ACCESS and Oracle or your database client.

For installation of the ACOS Multi Project Server is required:
SQL-key Database Tool, Browser MS IE7 and Mozilla

Oracle ODBC Client

JMAIL (freeware) is required for sending mails on events like Exceeding Budgets to the administrators. Mostly an SMTP-user must be defined for the IIS-server' submittals.

Installation on Windows 2003 server: Extend Maximum Upload size in Windows 2003: Stop IIS service and Administration service, World Wide Web Publishing IIS Admin in %WINDIR%\system32\inetsrv\MetaBase.xml AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed="204800" is to be extended (byte) to 104857600 = 100 MB, restart IIS services! In the IIS default web site on properties.home-directory.configuration.options paren path has to be enabled. Proposals for timeouts: VB-Script 1800 Sec, session 60 Minutes. In web service extensions ASP has to be enabled (for future use also
For installing 2 line tooltips for Mozilla directly from ACOS WEB the execution of .xpi has to be allowed by properties of the Website in HTTP-Header.Mime-types um .xpi Mozilla plugins

Downloadadresse: Plugin popupalt_en.xpi.

For the creation of EXCEL-objects on the IIS the installation of MS-EXCEL on the server is required. In some cases the rights for the I_USR for Local Launch and Local Activation must be set. Please run dcomcnfg.exe and change the settings in Component Services.Computers.My Computer.DCOM config.Microsoft Excel worksheet Context menu Properties.Security.Launch and Activation Permissions.Customize.Edit.add


ACOS Multiproject Server:

Database: ORACLE >=9i or others, see:

Hard disk: ca. 2 GB (depends on No. and size of Projects in the database)

ACOS scripts are creating 2 database users: ACOS_ADMIN and ACOS_USER.

ACOS_ADMIN is owner of all tables, ACOS_USER is executing a stored LOGIN-procedure only.

The user ACOS_ADMIN needs the right to change access rights for ACOS_USER.


Online Support requires:

SQL-key Database tool on the IIS

Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to the IIS via Internet (we have a fixed IP see PING on

ISDN-Connections are no more accepted. A VPN is proposed for secure connections.

Write Access via RDC or with FTP to the ACOS_WEB installation directory.

Write-Access to the ACOS Program Directory=APPPATH like P:\ACOS89_E.

Write-Access to the ACOS DATA Directory like P:\DATA\.

(in P:\DATA\Standards we will put Standard-Layouts)

(in P:\DATA\P1MULT is the File Locking and the Access database mostly)