ACOS PLUS.1 News of release 9



Duration:  2 days, daily from 9:00 am – 5.00 pm
Number of participants: 3-6
Course fee: 2 x €325 = €650 per person plus VAT

(In the fee of 325 € 25 € for lunch are included)



The participants should be confident Windows users with some experiences on ACOS


Practice use of new software abilities

for time, capacity and cost scheduling and controlling


Day 1: Work Shift Scheduling

- Planning in 1/10 hour increments

- Calendar for office and production, definition of the default day

- Time scale modifications, calendar and bar chart modes

- Extended functions for mainactivities and relationship lists

- Extensions of the data model

- Network diagram boxes with date and time

- Use of macros with calculation functions for tranferring durations from days to hours

- Formulas in columns, calculation functions in date fields and numeric fields

- Customising the individual Portfolio Menu with personalised macros 

- Resource maximum values, resource rates and summarised resources

- Bargraphs with multiple aggregations

- Application and customisation of attributes, individually and according to data attributes

- Templates

- OLE-objects inserted in graphical outputs (JPG+GIF+TIF with MS Photo Editor)


Day 2: Pool Planning

- New switches in the options menu

- Modifications in the database dialogue

- New fields „Foreign Account“ and “Project Manager“ in database mode

- New switches and displays in the footer

- Archiving of released planning situations into a budget pool

- Function „Establish planned data“

- Settings for dialog masks and lists for feedback on schedule and cost compliance

- New features for selection and sorts like “MA-level automatically” and “by structure”

- Bar graphs and matrices with mean value calculation and the effects of the resource calendars

- Time and resource driven update calculation and update according target

- Project comparison and deviation analysis of dates and resources
- Actual duration, remaining duration, reported manhours, remaining man-hours 
  balanced by residual distribution functions 

- Record locking, lock and unlock functions in database and file mode

- Load selected records from the total pool with overlapping record locks

- Bar graph analysis function

- Manual capacity planning with capacitive realationships by linking data from parallel projects

- Capacity smoothing and resource levelling based on the maximum resource availabilities

- Calculation of durations from maximum values


Workshop documentation:

Work results on disk or CD


This agenda will exceed the 2 days. On startup of the course the main points will be coordinated with the requirements of each individual group.