Program SQL Seminar

Duration: 2 days, start 09:00 am until 05:00 pm
Members: up to 6 persons

Knowledges about the functionality of databases,
Qualifaction to create practice views,
Analysis of existing databases,
Data handling on databases

Course fee:
For each person for both days in summary 550,- Euro with additional 19% vat.
(In the fee of 550 50 for lunch are included)
Each participant will receive a personal license of our powerfull software tool SQL-Key Version 5 as CD (normal price 49,- Euro).
Within the delivery an ACCESS database is included. This contains multiple usefull informations about all common databases. An overview of the most common functions is added as an Excel file.

Overview on the 12 most popular databases
Methods to connect to a database
Datbase analysis
Tables and field types
System tables
General structure of a common view
Views with subselect
Views with aliases for fields and tables
Views with union/join
Aggregatet views (Pivot tables) with having
Case sensitivity of tables, field names and field contents
Handling of data with NULL, specials for oracle and sybase
Data statements
Functions on strings
Date functions
Aggregation functions
Database design
Delete statements