Duration: 2 days, start 09:00 am until 05:00 pm
Course fee: 3 x 325 = 975 per person plus VAT
(In the fee of 325 are 25 for lunch included)
Members: 3-6
Precondition: Access on the actual ACOS WEB installation by Browser
Installation of MOZILLA and Internet Explorer
Optional installation of SQL-Key for editing XML files
Optional installation of MS-Excel including tool MSQuery


- Interaction of the Products ACOS Client, ACOS Multi Project Server, ACOS WEB
- Implementation of the ACOS Client's data model in ACOS WEB
- Login and user defined defaults
- Org Administration of user, roles and rights
- Project Administration Lock / Unlock / Delete
- ACOS WEB Administration

/ Practice 1
/ Definition of a new organization
/ Definition of different roles, allocation of rights to the users

- Tables, sortation, filter, editing, new records, sliders
- Saving and loading of Templates, Security concept for the reporting
- XML-Export and working with SQL-Key, Export as Excel-XLS
- Specialities regarding pivot tables
- Pie chart, bargraph and tree structure, options and templates
- Generating templates for the company's portfolio
- Creating individual register cards in the Portfolio Menu

/ Practice 2
/ Definition of layouts of different output types
/ Including them into a new register card for the Portfolio Menu

- Schedule and options
- Progress reporting and options
- Register card "Reports Progress Reporting"

/ Practice 3
/ Allocation of different rights for other users with different security level
/ Define group dates and resubmission dates for other users
/ Import an XML date proposal into your personal calendar
/ Update an existing activity by the ACOS WEB activity mask (Total values)
/ Update an existing activity by ACOS WEB progress reporting (day by day)
/ Check of the results in ACOS WEB and ACOS Client

- Document links on dates and activities, links on Acos Client's memos
- Up and download document folders

/ Practice 4
/ Uploading documents for your organization
/ Inserting a link in the Acos Client's memo
/ Attachment of links on dates and activities

- Events for users, administrators and the event administration
- Administration of the colour profile
- Basic data in the ACOS Generator, the ACOS Code system
- Transfer of basic data into the project

/ Practice 5
/ Import of basic data as resources and main activities into the ACOS Client

- Cost Consolidation
- Cost Controlling and reports

/ Practice 6
/ Consolidation of released cost as Budget
/ Change in the ACOS Client and consolidation as 1. revision
/ Traffic light report and bargraph of the deviations

- Samples for interface programming

Optional if required:

- Technical information regarding the report generator of ACOS WEB
- Installation requirements