ACOS PLUS.1 Client Workshop-Agenda

Duration: 3 days, start 09:00 am until 05:00 pm
Course fee: 3 x 325 = 975 per person plus VAT
(In the fee of 325 25 for lunch are included)
Number of participants: 3-6
Prerequisites: The participants should be confident Windows users

Autonomous creation of project time schedules and resource plans and customised output datasets
Updating and expansion of datasets during project monitoring

Day 1:

- Short introduction of the participants
- Presentation on 'DIN Critical Path Planning, Planning Cycle, abilities of ACOS PLUS.1'
- Explanation of the ACOS PLUS.1 program and data structure
- Creation of a new project, general settings
- Development of a planning structure and a coding system for project scheduling
  based on a sample project
- Software handling using mouse and hotkeys
- Entering and connecting project activities in the bar chart editor
- Creation of layouts and outputs
- Project data backups

Day 2

- Revision of Day 1 worksop learnings
- Creation of activity calendars
- Single/Multi calendar calculation, buffer times, critical path
- Integration of contract terms using variable types for scheduled dates
- Minimum, maximum (just in time) and capacitive relationships
- Control and optimisation of the network logic in the interactive network
- Individual and multiple selections and sorts
- Structuring projects by defining main activities
- Aggregated bar chart structured according to mainactivities
  (optimised or displayed in one row for each main activity)
- Work breakdown structure
- Subnet cloning with transliteration of the activity codes
- Individual and attribute based hatching and colors
- Milestones/Hammocks/Comments

Day 3

- Revision of workshop learnings
- Creation and allocation of resources
- Simple graphical outputs as resource bar chart, resource graph, S-curve or
  resource matrix
- Archiving of the actual plan as 'scheduled'
- Variance analysis for different planning situations by the function 'Project Comparison'
- Producing an update (progress reporting)
- Variance analysis of the update as compared to the original planning schedule
- Dealing with incompatibilities, accelerations
- Creation of variance analysis reports (Bottleneck-barchart)
- Final backup

Workshop documentation:

- Manual (PDF)
- Training sample (PDF)
- Teacher's Notes